About Us

Academic International Corporation is an international organization of researchers and partner nonprofit public, academic, and research organizations that helps students, scientists, and researchers around the world protect their academic rights and freedoms for innovation and research results.

Our Mission is to protect the rights and freedoms of the academic community in academic and research activities, using a variety of AI-based tools, taking into account ethical and legal standards.

Mechanism for Implementing Our Mission:

  • information assisting for scientific publications of the academic community;

  • organizing and conducting competitions, conferences and other scientific events;

  • developing and maintaining of innovation information platforms and technologies;

  • making available to the public a simple and free toolkit that will provide legitimacy and protection of the rights of the academic community in the use of AI-based tools, provided they meet certain ethical standards and the legitimacy of the technologies used.

The scope of work for the AIC includes, but is not limited to, the following major projects:

  • Academic Publications

  • International Conferences

  • International Competitions

  • European Union Projects

  • Social Responsibility Projects

  • Community Development Projects

  • Community Research

  • Research for Institutions

  • Scientific Research

  • Product Research

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